Running People
دانلود سرعت کند: اینجا را کلیک کنید
دانلود سرعت معمولی: اینجا را کلیک کنید
دانلود سرعت تند: اینجا را کلیک کنید
"برای مشاهده متن درس و لغات مهم درس همراه با ترجمه آنها، روی ادامه مطلب کلیک کنید."


What if a hidden tribe in Mexico holds the secret to health, happiness, and long-distance running?

A tribe of super-athletes lives hidden in caves along the cliffs of northern Mexico. Men, women, and even young children often run the (cliff) ledges for sport. Sometimes they run for days, covering hundreds of miles without more than a snack break.

They call themselves, “The Running People.” When the Tarahumara learn to walk, they also learn to run. Fifty year-olds often outrun teenagers.

Throughout history, this tribe literally ran from invaders. They hid in nearly inaccessible caves where they successfully avoided conquer.

Not only have they survived, the Tarahumara have thrived. Without technology or modern medicine, they report living longer and happier lives than the average person. The tribe of around 130,000 is cancer free, heart disease free, and their communities experience little to no crime.

In fact, a Tarahumara runner who won Colorado’s 100-mile ultramarathon, was 55 years old. He beat several of the United States’ best runners wearing only sandals he made himself.

So what’s their secret? How are they so healthy, happy, and running so far regardless of age?

There are many clues. For starters, the Tarahumara see work as important, but ‘matters of the soul’, or spiritual practices, come first. Instead of a monetary system, they barter or use a kind of universal sharing called, kórima. With values like these, it makes sense that their communities are peaceful.

But how are they able to run longer than the best professional athletes on earth and without injury?

According to physiology expert Ken Mierke, because the Tarahumara run wearing only thin sandals, the muscles and tendons in their feet are long and strong. Modern athletic shoes often cause muscle tissue to atrophy and tendons to shorten due to too much support.

Their stride is also peculiar. The Tarahumara land first on the ball of the foot, rather than the heel. One observer remarked that they look like they are riding invisible unicycles. They do not lean forward, instead running with their hips and shoulders and head in vertical alignment. This helps them to avoid injury and reserve energy.

But some suggest the secret goes deeper. One anthropologist remarked that the Tarahumara accomplish extraordinary things because they believe they can. Their special techniques are great, but confidence and optimism are also key. What do you think?


actually; really (used for emphasis)
واقعا ً

lived well; prospered, flourished
کامیاب شدن

exchange goods and services without the use of money; trade
معاوضه کردن

shrink; weaken; get smaller
ضعیف شدن

tough tissues that connect muscle to bone

way of walking or running; steps, paces
شیوه راه رفتن یا دویدن

strange; different; odd; curious
عجیب غریب

ball of the foot:
area of the sole where the toes join the rest of the foot
ناحیه ای از کف پا که در آن انگشتان پا به بقیه پا می پیوندند